Ester & Erik 42cm Taper Candle - Aubergine Nos 50

Ester & Erik 42cm Taper Candle - Aubergine Nos 50


Elegant 42cm tapered candles in Aubergine (50) handcrafted in Denmark by Ester & Erik using traditional methods.

These candles are tall and slender tapering into the signature Ester & Erik elegant point at the top providing the ultimate statement look and are then conically shaped at the bottom, to fit most candle holders. 

They are self-extinguishing, drip free (if kept draught free), soot free, odourless and have an amazing 8 hours of burn time due to the traditional hand dipped method used to make them.

We also stock a range of coordinating candle holders for a truly individual statement and which complete the look.

This price is for one candle only.

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