Plum & Ashby - Fireside Embers Candle

Plum & Ashby - Fireside Embers Candle


As the embers from a well established hot, hearty and crackling log fire begin to fade out, this fragrance will continue long after. Featuring Guaiac wood, birch tar and cedar wood, enjoy this scented candle on cosy evenings at home.

Luxury scented candle housed in dark brown glass vessels with rich, divine scents. Hand poured by skilled craftsmen in the south of England, with 100% natural plant wax and cotton wicks, Plum and Ashbys scented candles are infused with fragrant scents, these natural plant wax luxury candles are environmentally friendly, burn cleaner and longer and help to add an atmosphere to any room.

  • Size: Height 9cm, 210g

  • Material: natural plant wax

  • Burn time: 60 hours

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